EGREMONT A v HORNETS 13th Sept. ’08

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Hornets opened the scoring against the run of play.  Ian Watson broke through the centre which resulted in the ball being passed out wide to the wing for Will Tyler to touch down.  The lead was increased when Paul Senior popped a 20 yard penalty in front of the sticks..

The backs were instrumental in keeping the Hornets buzzing in their hosts half with the half backs regularly punting the ball into the corners.  A try disallowed just before the break when the Bleach Green outfit took an early throw at the line out.  Forlow caught the ball and touched down but the referee judged that the line had been set and quick line was not allowed!

With an injury to Tony Ferguson, Robert Allen came off the bench onto the wing with Will Tyler moving to full back.  Sadly, Tytler too succumbed to an arm injury and although he bravely carried on, he lost the zest displayed until that point.

The second half started well with with the Hornets scrummage showing some return for pressuring Egremont.  However, the hosts scored against the run of play in the left hand corner after 15 minutes.  The conversion was added.  This gave Egremont new vigour and applying pressure for a good ten minutes but this was defended well.  Egremont eventually broke through the centres to score out on the right, again converting to put them in the lead at 14 pts to 8 pts.

Carlisle regained some initiative with some good open play that found Paul Senior chipping into the 22 before the defence kicked the ball dead.  From the resulting scrum, Richard Percival picked up and ran hard for the line only missing out by inches; the ball came back and was picked up by skipper Forlow who had all of a foot to touch down between the sticks.  Senior added the extras.  With a couple of minutes remaining Egremont were awarded a penalty fifteen metres out after Gary Farrer apparently came in from the side!  Penalty!

With no further chances Egremont sneaked the win.

It was a disappointing start to the season and giving Egremont two points they barely deserved.