Help for Heroes

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Dear Supporter,

For RFU members and supporters, rugby is more than a game; it is life itself. It is your team, your club, your friends and fun, your guts and determination, your training, and, of course, your passion.

For the servicemen and women of our Armed Forces it is the same; their service is more than a job, it is their life. They train, work, play with the same dedication and passion and their unit is as important to them as your team is to you.

That is why sport, and especially rugby, holds a very special place in our servicemen’s hearts and why rugby players understand.  A rugby player knows what it takes to build a team and face a formidable opponent. A rugby player knows all about taking knocks and getting injured. A rugby player can only try to imagine what it must be like to lose a limb while going to help a mate.

That is why rugby is supporting our wounded and why we are asking you to go the extra mile to get to Twickenham on the 20th September. We want to show the men and women of our Armed Forces that we appreciate them, support them and, if they are wounded, will help them. 

This is more than a game.

I look forward to seeing you at Twickenham.

With thanks

Bryn Parry

Help for Heroes