House & Grounds Committee

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1.  The Committee shall consist of General Committee and co-opted members.

2.  The Chairman shall be a member of the General Committee and may co-opt other members to the committee.

3.  The Committee shall manage the clubhouse, bars, kitchen, grounds, car parks, changing rooms and stand.

4.  The Committee shall appoint paid members of staff to manage its clubhouse, bars, changing rooms and grounds as appropriate.

5.  The Committee shall arrange for appropriate courses for paid staff and volunteers to enable them to carry out their work safely and competently.

6.  The Committee shall keep minutes of its meetings and shall submit them to the General Committee for ratification.

7.  The Committee shall submit a budget each year for approval by the General Committee.

8. The Committee shall, with the exception of coaching staff and other staff directly related to playing, appoint a Personnel panel for the recruitment and appointment of any paid staff.

9. The Committee shall deal with any disciplinary matters pertaining to paid staff within its area of responsibility.

House & Grounds Committee Minutes

8th June 2009

9th March 2009

12th Jan 2009

8th Dec 2008

10th Nov 2008

13th Oct 2008

8th Sept 2008

13th Aug 2008