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NIGEL ARISMANDEZ - signed for Carlisle

NIGEL ARISMANDEZ - signed for Carlisle










Nigel Arismandez is 34 years of age and was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad and has recently moved into the Carlisle area where he is now working.

He showed his eagerness for the game, Warwick Road being his first port of call after the furniture was unloaded!

Nigel comes to Carlisle from National 3 South side, Worthing and previously was with Leicester Lions where he met his partner Diane.

He prefers to play in the second row where his 6’4″ frame is likely to make an impact.  However, he can also play in the centre.  Only recently, he has returned from Brazil where he played for Trinidad in the Rugby World Cup qualifiers.  He has 15 caps for, and has captained his country.

Nigel enjoys coaching and has worked with youngsters at his previous clubs, so his experience will be welcomed at Warwick Road  – as always, professional life permitting.

What a small world though!  Talking with vice chairman of rugby, Russell Robinson,  Nigel was able to relate to information concerning relatives of Russell who  have had long connections with rugby in Trinidad!

Welcome the city and we hope you enjoy your stay and your association with our Club.