Hornets 50 pts v Silloth 5 pts

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Saturday, 15th November 2008

Cumbria Shield League

After a breakdown on the way, Silloth arrived late with twelve players and we made up their numbers from our replacements and a big thanks to Phil Healy and Robert Allen for entering the fray!

Silloth were last seasons league and cup winners, so although having only twelve or their own men, we could not afford to take them lightly, as the twelve were probably their best dozen!  An early score from Chris Byrne was the impetus that meant Carlisle never looked back after that.  The pack (and the backs) were making lots of ground and breaking the Silloth line regularly.

This was a good performance and improvements can be noted week on week, but Silloth may be a differnt opposition when the league is split for the second half of the season!

Tries:    Franny Dixon (1)

              Mark Williams (1)

              Gary Farrer (2)

              Chris Kersop (1)

              Matt Henderson (1)

              Chris Byrne (1)

              Steve Robertson (1)


Conversions:    Mike Rawling (5)