Hospitality at its Very Best

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Part of the enjoyment of the rugby experience is the hospitality that is enjoyed both before and after matches.  Every club has a different approach to the way they offer hospitality, and Pontefract are near the top of the league when it comes to looking after their guests.

On a trip to Pontefract it might not be unreasonable to expect to see someone coming out of the licquorice mines with an armful of Pontefract cakes!


Desperate Dan "cow pie"

Desperate Dan

Renowned for the way they receive their guests, it is easy to understand why teams enjoy a visit to the heart of Yorkshire.  Pontefract specialise in a delightful, home made steak and kidney “Desperate Dan” pie with mushy peas to nourish their guests before the game.

As if that wasn’t enough, afterwards the pie is topped up with a tasty black pudding and other savouries.

Black Puddings

Black Puddings


 It is great to see a club with a tradition that leaves a pleasant and lasting reminder of kindness.  There are many who could learn from the “Ponte” example.