Morpeth Colts v Carlisle Colts

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Carlisle took to the road this week visiting North League rivals Morpeth

With a somewhat depleted side missing some sixteen squad members

Expectations may have ben a little low, but a big plus was the return of

Insperational Captain Mat Davies, alas a bonus short lived as Mat took

A blow to the head after 20 minutes & had to leave play (the walk to the

side line resembling a Strictly Come Dancing competitor & his speech

was a little bit like Johnathan Woss but lets not go there ?)


Into the fray came our one & only replacement Eddie Faulder (at that 

point the driver pulled a hammy just in case he was called upon)


A quick spin of the bottle & David Milbourn & Max Connon combine as 

Captain`s with several cry`s of i`m Spartacus which i dealt with very

Diplomaticly, “” off & all that “”


For Carlisle it was a game we came away from feeling desperately

Unlucky having had 70% possesion & territory, which was mush echoed

By the home Coaches & supporters.


The 3-0 score lending no justifcation to Crlisle`s efforts, more saddening as

The the had in the ruck was a red & white one.


The Colts should take great heart form this game as Morpeth had to repel

Our attack over & over again, tackling in two`s & three`s to prevent a score.


Morpeth gained great relief at the final whistle as Carlisle had camped within

Their 5 metre line for the last 15 minutes o play.


To a man Carlisle gave their all, & for marks out of ten then I could go no 

Lower then 9`s, but that would be difficult.


To the lad`s just keep doing what your doing & the result`s will come.