Penrith 2nds 12 pts v Crusaders 5 pts

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Saturday, 1st November 2008

The Crusaders were unable to make it “a double whammy” over Penrith on Saturday when they travelled to Winters Park.  They lost 12 pts to 5 pts in this Candy League fixture.

A disappointing, lack lustre performance compared to the two previous weeks.  Against Blaydon and Westoe, when up against much more experienced and competent opposition, the lads played much better rugby.

On Saturday against Penrith too many players seemed to be under the impression it was a week off from league rugby.  Sadly, it was NOT.

Penrith showed more attacking prowess and defensive urgency.  Carlisle let Penrith dictate the pace of the game and over all the Crusaders seemed content to let Penrith take the game to them.

John Bowman again had a strong game and is really the Crusaders man to watch for the future.  Tim Doughty is back from injury and was one of the few who showed the passion to play the sort of rugby that has been obvious in recent times.

The only score Carlisle could muster was very well finished by Jack Tranter  –  a classic wing mans try!

Quick ball created by the forwards moved wide with good slick hands from the backs, leaving Jack with a one on one, he faded inside to commit his opposite number before truning on the gas and taking him on the outside for a very good team try.  Sadly, that was one of the few times during the match when the Crusaders showed what they can do when they concentrate!

Young Callum McSkean showed real determination when he came on for the last twenty minutes.


Determined - Jack Tranter scored try

Determined - Jack Tranter scored try