The Not so Cold War – U15’s Percy Park v Carlisle.

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The East (Percy Park) invaded the West (Carlisle), (well they arrived by coach!). The East’s troops were confident, ours were nervous, in all but one of recent skirmishes we had suffered heavy losses. However our intelligence was better, our troops were determined, better drilled and up for a fight.

For the first 24 minutes, the battle raged, strong resistance from both sides, it was turning into a war of attrition. Unfortunately the west buckled under sustained pressure form the east who pushed over for a try – not converted. Soon after however, 29 minutes, Macca saw a weakness in their defences, launched a missle over their heads, the back division (fb) buckled, fumbled the ball, and Macca fell on it to score a try – converted. Half time score – West 7 – East 5.

2nd front and the battle escalated, the intensity from both sides increased, unfortunatly the West suffered caualtiies – Beaver was replaced by Corey and Jack replaced JT. 21 minutes in the East launched an inter-continental ball (kicked from their half into ours), breached our defences and their forward troops recovered the ball to run in a second try – converted.

Our tanks were mobilised, our back line came into play, and from good control and overpowering their defence (good hand off to the fb) Adam crossed their line for a try – not converted. Unfortuantely the East scored again. It wasn’t over however, we went nuclear – Jamie crossed the line, east troops strewn across the field from poor defense (hand offs and poor tackling), scoring at their HQ – under the posts!. Macca had to convert to win this battle, and he did, what a win!

Glasnost – maybe, we will have to wait and see.

Final Score: West 19 – East 17.                   Medal of Honour: Adam Robertson

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