Club Incorporation

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A note to let members of the Club know that an EGM will be held in February, 2009 to consider a motion to enable the Club to be incorporated.

This follows a request from the RFU, asking those club’s who were not already incorporated, to seriously consider doing so.  Several clubs have had the misfortune to have had insufficient insurance cover to meet claims made against them.  As a consequence, the additional liability fell to be shared between those people serving on the committee’s.

After taking legal and financial advice, the General Committee will be recommending to the membership at an EGM, that Carlisle RFC be incorporated.  In the event that the motion is approved, the individual liability of committee personnel will be removed, and it will be the Club that will have vicarious responsibility.

Clearly, those who serve on a committee do so out of good will and for love of the game.   It is unfair that they should be expected to shoulder what, in exceptional circumstances, could be a bankrupting experience!

The General Committee trust that the motion will have the support of all members of the Club.

Further details will be published in due course.