Hornets 54 v Whitehaven 17

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Saturday, 6th December 2008

Whitehaven deserve a great deal of respect for travelling with ten men and our friends from Creighton earn an equal big thank you for sending over five of their lads to make a XV for Whitehaven. 

The Hornets started the game very well with the forwards and backs both managing to stretch the visiting defence and managing a couple of tries early doors.

Our spy (Fraser F) tells us that the Hornets’ game gets better by the week although there are still a view areas of the game to be looked at to make the side a real title prospect!  A big plus was the return to the field of Martin Maughan who has been out of the game for a few years.  He scored three tries and still jumps like a salmon!  So, with a line out that is weak on occasions it was great to see.

Whitehaven deserved the 17 points they got because it could quite easily have turned into a massacre.  Credit where it’s due – they played competitively right up to the final whistle.


Tries:            Gary Farrer (3)

                      Martin Maughan (3)

                      Franny Dixon (1)

                      Richard Percival (1)

Conversions:  Mike Rawling (7)