One Good Turn Deserves Another

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We all thought that Raiders from over the Border were a thing of the past!

Think again, marauding into Warwick Road for training on Thursday night were twenty or so senior players from Langholm.  Unable to train on their own grass during the recent frosty spell, they asked if they could come to Carlisle for some practise.




We were happy to oblige, more especially given the excellent ways in which we were received in the aftermath of the great flood of 2005.  Langholm had no hesitation in offerring us the use of their facilities for our home matches for the remainder of the 2004  – 2005 season.

Soup (but not Scotch broth) and sandwiches were on offer after training but Chef Swarbrick declined a suggestion that the scotch variety might be appropriate, saying that it’s English broth or nowt!  Joking part, it was nice to welcome the lads for an evening with the “sassenachs” as they would have us.