Frost 3 v Carlisle 0

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On Saturday 10th January, Carlisle travelled through The Dales in the hope of avenging a home draw but the weather put paid to any hope of that.

Ilkley were confident that the pitch would be playable.  The two clubs had been in close contact during the week, both anxious to get back onto the field after an enforced break due to severe weather.  However, the only winner on the day was the coach company!

An unexpected change in the weather about lunchtime, reversed the thaw and the pitch became unplayable.  Both captains were tempted to give it a go, but the reality was, that up the centre of the field was just too hard.  Whilst before the game the decision whether or not to play was down to the skippers, the London referee made it clear that if they decided to go ahead, then he would abandon the game immediately after kick off, using his “duty of care” responsibilities as his marker.

Accordingly, the after match hospitality began early, with the Carlisle party and supporters being invited to join in for an annual meal put on for the Ilkley volunteer squad; and very enjoyable it was too!

A new date has yet to be fixed for the game to be replayed but 28th February looks to be the earliest at this time because Carlisle have two other catch up games to fit in first; away at Driffield next Saturday and Aspatria at home on 7th February.



Saturday, 10th January 2009

Both the Crusaders away match at Penrith in the Candy League, and home fixture v St Benedict’s for the Hornets in the Cumbria Shield League, were postponed due to frozen pitches.