RFU League Restructure 09/10

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Members are regularly asking what the current situation is concerning the proposed restructuring of the leagues for next season and beyond.  The PDF document below is hot off the press today and gives a good explanation of the current situation.

If you have any queries please contact the CLUB secretary in the first instance. Please do not contact the RFUNCC direct.

“Last October, the RFU North Competitions Committee (RFUNCC) wrote to all Clubs (Levels 6-11), who participated in League Rugby to seek their views regarding League sizes and their willingness or not to compete in RFU Cup Competitions. Level 5 Clubs were not consulted as they, and the RFU had already made it clear that they wanted an increase in League sizes at that level. 

Clubs were asked to complete a Questionnaire, return it, confirming what they wished to happen. Approximately 78% of Clubs responded, which demonstrated to the RFUNCC, that there was much interest in the future of the League and Cup Competitions.

Whilst discussions are still ongoing as far as the Cup Competitions are concerned, (and we will advise at a later date what decisions have been agreed), we are now in a position to inform Clubs that effective from the 2009-2010 season, the following changes will take place to the League Structure here in the North”.

League Restructure PDF