Under 15’s v Barrow

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Saturday 25th january 2009.


This was the second time Carlisle had played Barrow, the first match, the first of the season at Barrow and was a close call.

This time however some of their players were absent (although I don’t think at full strength it would have made any difference)  so we offered them some of ours (well done boys for volunteering) and we beat them rather convincingly!! The first half was a rout, the first try after 2 mins and every few minutes afterwards to half time, HT score 45 to 0. (I wont go into who scored when, not enough paper! see full match report for details. 

For the second half Jim (the coach) changed the tem around a little and we swapped our Barrow volunteers for some different volunteers. The rout continued although not in such a convincing manner. I think our boys got a little ‘cocky’ and complacent with everyone trying to score. This meant that we were not playing as a team but as individuals and it showed – only 4 tries (first half 7) a good lesson in the benefit of playing as a team.

I will say however that the players we gave Barrow did make a differnce as they played very well. The team as a whole played magnificently showing what the squad can do thoroughly deserving of their UNBEATEN RUN of 10 MATCHES

The game finished at  Carlisle 71 vs Barrow 0.   Man of the Match – Joe Beaman

Full report PDF