Durham City 11 v Crusaders 15

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Saturday, 28th March 2009

Candy League

Games in the Candy League have been hard to come by since the league was “split” at the turn of the year. It seems as though it is OK for us go travelling to give everyone a game at home, with a marked reluctance to reciprocate.

Not good enough!

Crusaders travelled to Durham on 28th March and got the league points in what was a scrappy encounter  –  end of season stuff!

Tries from Dan Holmes, Chris McSkeane and Richard Bearchell secured the victory with the only retort from Durham being a couple of penalties.

Dan Holmes - scored a try for the Crusaders at Durham City.

Dan Holmes - scored a try for the Crusaders at Durham City.









Richard ("Butch") Bearchell also got a try in the away victory at Durham City.









There have been rumours around that the Crusaders were to leave the Candy League for next season with the team being entered in the Cumbria League of the English Clubs Championship.

It is fair to say that serious consideration was given to the possibility, and although it was intitially agreed that an application would be made to the Cumbria League, the proposal was not proceeded with after assurances were received that some restructuring of the Candy League would take place next time round; and applications from other clubs to join the Candy League is anticipated.

Top quality second team rugby is essential to the development of any club, and the Candy League provides appropriate competition at the present time.

Although we are staying in the Candy League, sources tell us that Penrith are withdrawing their second string,  if an application to join the north west based Miller Homes Leagues is approved.  Good luck to them  –  but it has to be said that Whitchurch is a long way for second team rugby!