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moneyMembership of Carlisle RFC is £20 and will remain so for the time being.  Clearly, the Club is established with the first priority to promote and develop the game of rugby football.

Not everyone who is a club member plays rugby, and those who derive most benefit from the facilities, equipment and playing, are obviously the players.

Traditionally, teams have collected a “match tax” after each game and those monies went into the “coffers” to help with the general expenses of rugby provision. As always, it was another job for someone to do, and there were always those who found an excuse not to pay!

The Youth & Junior Rugby sub-committee and the Rugby Committee both put forward proposals for change after consultation with players, parents and other interested parties.

There was clearly a concensus view that there should be “playing and training” subscription in addition to the mandatory club membership fee.

Players at all levels get the benefit of playing kit, training, coaching, equipment, laundry, after match food, free travel to away games and much, much more.

The General Committee have recently confirmed that the following playing subscriptions will be effective from the start of the 2009 – 2010 season.


£100 per person payable before the 1st September.  For those still in full time education the amount will be £50 as it will for those under 18 (in addition to the mandatory club annual membership of £20 pa). The chairman of rugby has discretionary authority to deal compassionately with anyone who has the misfortune to be genuinely unemployed.

Taking the 1st XV as an example, with a minimum of 26 league matches the fee equates to £3,85 per match  –  with cup matches added in, obviously the figure reduces.

Players are still free, indeed they are encouraged, to go out and get individual player sponsorship as in the past.  Speak to Martin Plummer about this.


The playing membership (in addition to club membership) for youth and junior rugby has been set on a sliding scale according to age:

£20 for under 7’s and under 8’s
£30 for under 9’s and under 10’s
£40 for under 11’s and under 12’s
£50 for under 13’s and under 14’s
£60 for under 15’s and under 16’s

We are anxious to ensure that no one is excluded from taking part in rugby because of hardship or other reason (eg. several children in one family taking part). Accordingly, the chairman and / or secretary of the youth and junior section have discretionary authority to negotiate an appropriate playing subscription in such circumstances.

This is still all extremely good value for sport for a season.

If anyone has an queries please contact the club secretary who may be able to help further!