Rugby Club Car Parking

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Major repairs to the car park at Warwick Road will shortly be under way.

Parking_signIt is hoped that the majority of the work can be done before the start of the season, with the final “dressing” being pout down in May next year.  The reason for that is, that the material used can only be laid in May  –  something to do with the weather.  Once done, the car park should be fit for purpose for about 20 – 25 years.


Work is also under way for a 6′ strip of tarmac footpath along the length of perimeter fencing on the granstand side of the ground.  Hopefully, this will make it more comfortable for spectators in inclement weather.

CarThere are some important changes concerning future use of the car park. We have always allowed week day parking from Monday to Friday for members; and non active members of the club have also been allowed to use facility on payment of an annual subscription.  From 1st September 2009, that arrangement will cease.

People coming to use the facilities of the rugby and squash clubs, and to attend social events, will still be able to park as normal for the duration of their visit.  But,  for those wanting to leave their vehicles on the club car park whilst they are elsewhere, will be required to purchase a CONTRACT PARKING TICKET.

The cost will be £200 for a twelve month period from the date of issue.  This will allow long stay parking from Monday to Friday between the hours of 0800 and 1800.   For anyone who thinks the cost is a bit steep, then it works our at less than 80p a day  –  considerably cheaper than the cost of long stay parking elesewhere in the city.

In the current economic climate we need to find new ways of generating income and hopefully “punters” will appreciate the need for the club to take the steps proposed.

wheel_clampPlease be aware that anyone found abusing the system, wheel clamps will be used and there will be a £50 release charge.

Further info and application form for contract parking.