Ilkley 8 v Carlisle 23

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North 1 East League
Saturday 31st October 2009

Carlisle continued their gradual improvement in the league with an away win at The Stacks Field on a glorious “Dales” afternoon.  Albeit that the officially approved kick off time was still 3.00 pm, and despite the offer of the league to allow a 2.15 pm start, the host side opted for the former.  In the later stages of the game, and after the sun disappeared, it was difficult for both players and spectators alike to distinguish who was who in the fading light!  Puzzling too was the fact that the referee did not insist on a change of shirts for one of the teams.  Ilkley in black with a red trim and Carlisle in navy with a red trim was not his best decision of the day!

Ilkley, without a win to their credit so far this campaign opened brightly, and looked more likely to score in the opening minutes of the game.  Indeed, had a touch down in the right hand corner after seven minutes been allowed, things could have worked out quite differently.  But, the touch judge indicated a foot had been in touch and the points escaped!

A quartet of Carlisle alacadoos need the fence for support after a wholesome lunch!

A quartet of Carlisle alacadoos need the fence for support after a wholesome lunch!

Carlisle seemed to sense that it may be their day and mounted several promising attacks, only to see the final execution fail through poor finishing, and it took a penalty on the quarter hour mark from fly half Glen Weightman, for the Cumbrians to open their account.

The first half could probably be best described as a bit dull with the only other score coming on the half hour mark when Ilkley pulled level with a penalty and that was the score at the break.

Despite the mediocrity of the opening half hopes were high in the Carlisle camp of taking the game.  The forwards looked solid in the set pieces and were rarely troubled.  Flanker Bobby Sherlock had a fine game and was dominant in the line outs, ensuring an ample supply of the ball.

Carlisle seemed to have a problem is using their possession effectively;  rather than stick to simple and accurate passing, there was a tendency to complicate things.  Several promising moves broke down by this lack of attention to detail.

At forty nine minutes, Weightman increased his tally with a penalty and that was followed with some some solid play and justmatch_pic_Ilkley on the hour, centre Chris Harris broke free about forty yards out and was unreachable as he touched down between the post with Weightman improving.

Thereafter, Ilkley had a useful spell when they managed to deprive their guests of possession for lengthy periods and for a time threatened the Carlisle line, but the defence remained intact.

With ten minutes remaining, a line out on the right hand twenty two, gave flanker Lee Brumpton (on his first full outing of the season) steal the ball at the back of a line out and make for the line and score a fine try with Weightman again taking the extras.

Whilst Sherlock had a fine game on the flank, young Max Connon had a steady game at full back, linking well with the backs,

Two welcome points to lift Carlisle further up what is a very competitive and unpredictable league.

Pick of the pack:

Flanker - Bobby Sherlock commanded the line outs.

Flanker - Bobby Sherlock commanded the line outs.

Best of the backs:

Full back Max Connon had confident game.

Full back Max Connon had confident game.

Scorers for Carlisle:

Chris Harris (1)
Lee Brumpton (1)

Glen Weightman (2)

Glen Weightman (3)

The starting XV:

15    Max Connon
14    Ben lain
13    Chris Harris
12    Dan Holmes (Ross Olney)
11    Barry Earl
10    Glen Weightman
9      George Graham
1      Steve Stamper (C)
2      Tom Graham
3      Mark Allan (Martin McGimpsey)
4      Martin McGimpsey (Martin Grealish)
5      Dan Smithson
6      Lee Brumpton
7      Bobby Sherlock
8      Mark Barron (Stuart Graham)
16    Martin Grealish
17    Stuart Graham
18    Ross Olney