Old Crocs match to be replayed

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Following an enquiry by the RFU North Competitions Committee the result of the match between Old Crossleyans and Carlisle at Halifax on Saturday, 14th November has been ordered to be re played.

They have directed that the game will take place on the first available Saturday (excluding the festive season period) and that is SATURDAY, 6TH FEBRUARY 2009 at 2.15 pm.

Fly half Glen Weightman ready for a kick!

Fly half Glen Weightman ready for a kick!

Following receipt of information received from both sides, plus the match cards, and having spoken to the referee, Colin Tovey, the organising committee have reviewed the result in conjunction with the knowledge that the game finished with uncontested scrums.

Under RFU rule 7.3.1. (ii) the committee have ruled that the game was effectively abandoned at the time of switching it to uncontested scrums, which the referee confirmed.

Another trip to Halifax then, unless Carlisle decide to appeal the decision of the committee, something that would seem unlikely at this stage, as it gives us a chance to redeem ourselves!