Subject to Adjudication

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Old Crossleyans 36 pts v Carlisle 27 pts at Halifax last Saturday.  That may not be the end of the story!

Just to keep folk up to date, the RFU North Competitions Committee have decided to enquire into the result and as to whether it should be allowed to stand.

The controversial front row rules got in the way, with the host side having insufficient replacements to continue with contested scrums.  The last twenty minutes of the game was with uncontested scrums, and as we all know that can take the edge out of the competitive nature of the game.

Although comment was passed about it in conversation we decided not to make any fuss about it, letting sleeping dogs lie.  However, the match cards, signed by the referee, and submitted by both clubs, were endorsed by the referee to the effect that game was affected by non-competitive scrums.

At Old Crossleyans  -  what should we do now?

At Old Crossleyans - what should we do now?

The RFUNCC will now decide the outcome of the game.

At best we could be awarded the result on the basis of a 0 – 0 result (we were leading 23 – 27 at the time); or, at worst the committee could order the match to be replayed.

There are other matches subject to similar adjudication, so we are not alone!