Hornets Disappointed

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Carlisle RFC 3rd XV Hornets

Carlisle RFC 3rd XV Hornets

The Hornets were looking forward to a trip to Netherhall on Saturday, 5th December for a Cumbria Shield League match.

Sadly, the game was called off by the host side, and the lads were left with not enough time to find a replacement fixture.

All the posturing by the county people about clubs playing their rugby out of the county is hardly supported by regular occurrences such as these.

It’s not surprising that clubs have to look elsewhere for the rugby when there is no guarantee of a game relatively close to home.

The Hornets have been guilty (occasionally) of being unable to raise a team.  But then, when there’s no certainty of a game, it is unsurprising that players may make other arrangements, rather than sit about twiddling their thumbs!