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This post was published 8 years 3 months 2 days ago.

It has been left on the site for ARCHIVE purposes only and is not actively maintained.

For team and score information please follow this link

Keep up to date with all the latest postings on the Carlisle Rugby website via Twitter. Our username is simple  – CRUFC

Twitter is a social micro-blogging website that allows updates of only 140 characters.  This is ideal for busy people just wanting to get the headlines or to be made aware of an update.

Mobile phones such as the iphone by Apple have small programs called Apps that allow you to follow, re-tweet or comment easily on postings.  You can also follow updates on the Twitter website.


Twitter screengrab

Twitter screen grab

Every time we post a website update the headlines gets sent to Twitter and is broadcast on their network.

The image to the right of this page is how this appears on the Twitter website.

The link at the end of each post takes you to this website and the associated post – So you can read the full story.

Headline updates are great if you want to know if a match has been cancelled or just to know when we have made a website update.

You can see for yourself the CRUFC Twitter page by clicking the blue stripe, marked Follow Us, to the right of this page.

Famous people

A number of high profile celebrities use Twitter and many have people employed to Tweet (send a Twitter message) as part of a PR campaign or to raise a profile.

The Times newspaper recently wrote an article about the top 50 celebs using Twitter.  Top of the Pile was Stephen Fry .

The Guardian has also created a list of Celebs including some MP’s and sporting heros.


We are currently trialling a few ways of getting the information to Twitter and occasionally you may see similar posts produced. Sorry in advance.