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This post was published 8 years 1 month 9 days ago.

It has been left on the site for ARCHIVE purposes only and is not actively maintained.

For team and score information please follow this link

Just a gentle reminder in response to queries that have been received about news and information.

Some people feel that there is a shortage of news on the notice boards in the Club.  True, but all the up to date news and information about all aspects of club activities is posted on the website.

Notice boards tend to get clutterred and are generally disorganised, sometimes with information being hidden in favour of other notices.

The most effective way of disseminating news is via the website, a place where almost everyone has access these days.

We will continue to update the website regularly and hopefully you will be able to find what you want to know from that.

General news, fixtures, details of coaching and refereeing courses, and much more can be accessed.

Of course if you sign up by simply entering your e.mail in the top right hand section of the front page, then the latest club news will drop straight into your e.mail in box.

We hope you will understand.