NE Ladies 5 v E Midlands 0

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North East ladies 5 v East Midlands 0. 28th Feb 2010

The North East of England narrowly beat East Midlands in the second of the pool games on Sunday. Both teams travelled to Huddersfield, with the North East fielding four Carlisle Cougars players, and Hannah Sherlock, also from Carlisle. The North East kicked off deep into East Mids territory, and followed up with a good chase. They quickly forced a turn over, then kept the possession in the forwards for a couple of phases before spinning the ball out to Jen Edwards (back from England A duty).
A short, jinking run saw her score the only points scored in the game. The teams were well matched, and both defended hard. East Mids varied their attack through the forwards and backs, with North East mainly looking to exploit with their pace out wide. After 15 minutes Hannah Sherlock was substituted with an achiles injury, which saw the Cougars’ Holly Freestone move into inside centre where she ran hard, forcing the opposition to scramble their defence. In defence the North East hit hard across the pitch, with all the Cougars making big tackles. East Midlands didn’t look like scoring all game. The final pool game for the North East is against Yorkshire in Pocklington on 14th March after which the teams for the finals will be confirmed.

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