On the blind side!

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This post was published 8 years 1 month 8 days ago.

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Your intrepid match reporter  relies on some match facts provided by others who can really see what’s going on during the match!  It seems that there were more than Mort on the blind side when Carlisle scored a try at Old Crossleyans on 6th February.

Asked who had scored the try, the retort from one of the players was “Brummo”.  Assuming they would know best their honesty was never questioned!

So the match report was duly cobbled together with Brummo credited with the try; and Brummo being Brummo hasn’t let on one little bit  –  to the extent that he’s gotten his pic in the News & Star yet again!

Steve Stamper

Skipper Steve Stamper, was the real try scorer and  it is understandable that he feels a bit piqued that the “old blind git” got him mixed up with his good mate.

Despite all his efforts, a try by Steve is a rarity and will probably prompt a related quiz question in years to come.

Apologies for the mix up chaps.  More cock ups guaranteed in future. Keep your eyes peeled for the deliberate mistakes!