U14’s v Keswick 24th Jan

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The Carlisle Cobras (U14s,) travelled to the Lake District this weekend, to play their first game in five weeks due to the recent inclement weather.

Keswick were our hosts for the 2010 opener, where we received our usual warm welcome from our hosts on what was a very pleasant morning to play rugby. It was decided that the game would be played in three 20 minutes segments to give all the players from both sides a good run out.

The game kicked off with both teams starting strongly, but in the ealry minutes, a penalty was awarded to the Cobras which was successfully dispatched by Brett Connon.  Minutes later a Keswick were awarded a penalty  on the Cobras 22 after  handling in the ruck, Robert Bland stepped up tp bring the scores level.
Keswick continuted very strongly, attacking the visitors in waves, and sustained pressure on the Cobras defence saw Keswick break through to attack the Carlisle try line, unfortunatey the attempt to score was knocked on.
Both teams were playing some good rugby without either side gaining the upper hand when Keswick broke the deadlock to scored the first try of the game on 12 minutes with  Dan Stephenson going over to give the home team a 8 – 5 advantage when  the conversion was narrowly missed.
Sluggishness and lack of support at times from the Cobras forwards, allowed Kesick to gain more possession at the breakdown, but they quickly recovered as the first period  went on.  Increased determination not to be out played, the Cobras started to support  in numbers which resulted in Guy Wilkinson scoring Cobra’s their first unconverted try in the 15th minute.
The Cobras continued to attack the Keswick try line, with the hosts using some good defence strategies but they were unable to stop James Robson cutting through in the closing minutes of the first period to score an unconverted try in the corner.  A good first period was played with both teams testing each others resolve. Carlisle went into the first break, 13 points to  8  up.

The Cobras began the second period very strongly with the forwards starting to dominate much more than they did in the first period.  Eventually, some good rucking saw  the Cobras finally break the deadlock in the 6th minute of the second period when Dan Smales pushed over Keswicks line to score the Cobras third try of the game, which again, was not converted.
Keswicks defence was beginning to get questions asked of them as the Cobras seemed to step up a gear with repeated surging runs at their  defence. Carlisle’s forwards were beginning to recycle the ball quickly, and when the ball went through hands out wide, fullback Tom Coulthard received on the left wing to score in the 11th minute of the second period to see Carlisle gain a 23 – 8 advantage.
The Cobras were now gaining in confidence, and this showed in the way they were moving the ball between the forwards and backs keeping it away from the defending team.  But against the run of play, Keswick’s Alvin Tsoi broke away with an impressive run down the wing to score an unconverted try in the 15th minute of the second period bringing the score back to 23 – 13 as they failed to convert.

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