Carlisle Crusaders

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Carlisle Crusaders (the 2nd XV) have been withdrawn from the “Candy League” after a number of years taking part in that merit table.  Whilst it has been an enjoyable experience for those taking part, the league lacks a competitive edge that players now demand.

An application was made to what was known as the “Miller Homes League”, a successful organisation based in the Lancashire area to provide competitive rugby for other than 1st XV’s.

We have been notified that our application to join the leagues has been successful, although the actual league placing is yet to be advised.  However, the indications are that we will probably be in the same league as Penrith.

Promotion and relegation exists in this set up and there are stringent rules applied to any club who cares to flout the requirements of the league organisation.

The “Miller Homes Leagues” now have a new sponsor and will now be known as the “University of Salford North West Leagues”.  Details of the set up can be found by visiting the relevant website.  Match results and league tables are also published on the RFU website in tandem with the RFU League Championship information.

Hopefully, the provision of more competitive rugby for the Crusaders will bring benefits for the club as a whole, providing a platform too for those lads who aspire to the first XV.