Cougars prepare for promotion

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Carlisle ladies rugby players were put through their paces at DW fitness on Saturday.

The Cougars won their league last season, losing only to Darlington ladies away before Christmas. Now promoted back into National Championship 1, the league just below the premiership, the Cougars need to prepare well for next season.

Promotion means the Cougars will have to travel further with games likely to be as far away as Buckinghamshire, Norwich and Birmingham. The competition will also be tougher. Team Northumbria, based in Newcastle, have opted to move down a league, so the Cougars will need to be ready to compete against them.

DW fitness, Carlisle, have offered sessions for the team over the off-season to help the Cougars focus on personal fitness. After Greg, a fitness instructor put the Cougars through their paces he said “The session was focused on developing core strength, power and speed and agility; these are attributes all the players will need for the new season. Players can also focus on developing in positional specific areas, for instance quick foot work helps wingers to change direction, and working the core and leg power is essential for front five forwards.”  General Manager, Claire Robinson said “DW Sport Fitness Carlisle are keen to support local teams in their quest for fitness. Whatever your sport, we can develop something specifically for you.”

Whilst fitness does help on the rugby pitch, the Cougars encourage anyone to join them regardless of their current level of fitness. “Being involved in the Cougars gives you a reason to get fit, and individuals develop their fitness through training and playing. Rugby really helps to motivate me to exercise.  The development of new skills, game strategy and competition, as well as social aspects of the game are fantastic.” said player Rosie Tyson.

Anyone wishing to join the Cougars should contact us via the online form.