Meeting the referees

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To better help the understanding between the referee and players, Cumbria Referee’s Society are holding a session at Penrith Rugby Club in late August.

It woud be beneficial if as many people in the categories described could attend.

As last year, the first training evening is open to all Cumbria Club Coaches and Captains, to set the scene for the season, discuss common issues from a refereeing perspective and thereby ensure that there is as much agreement as possible about how the game should be refereed at all levels.

The event will be held at Penrith RUFC on Wednesday 25 August, starting 7.30 pm. There will be a light buffet available from 7 pm, courtesy of the Referees Society.

The agenda will be circulated at a later date, but meanwhile could coaches and captains to send details of any issues they would like to discuss so that they can prepare in advance – there may be video or training materials that we can use to illustrate any discussion points.

In general, the following topics are under consideration, but if you wish us to look at any other issues theyshall be pleased to consider them:

  • Consistency & common standards
  • ‘Grey areas’ & interpretation.
  • IRB directives/guidance.
  • Safety
  • Abuse

Let’s have a good turnout from Carlisle.

Contact; Andy Hampshire –