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Some are beginning to wonder at the wisdom of coming out of the “Candy” league and entering the Crusaders XV in the University of Salford North West Leagues!  The season is now six weeks old and we’ve had one home game to date.

Interesting that the home game was on the opening day of the season and we agreed to be charitable and let Sandbach bring their 2nd string here, whilst their 1st’s were at Wigton.  It helped them with the cost of travel.  We should have been at Rochdale that day, and that match is still to re-arrange.

The following week, because of the alterations the previous week, there was an impact, and that left us with a free Saturday.

Since then we have travelled to Penrith, Wilmslow and Burnage  – so what some might say, but we made a committment to the league and as far as possible we’ll stick to it.

Both West Park (St Helens) and Blackburn have pulled out of games at Carlisle at fairly short notice and hardly with a credible excuse!  To their credit at least they didn’t leave it the morning of the match.

Perhaps they don’t (or don’t want to) realise that they both still have to come to Carlisle, as our away games have now been reversed as part of the league penalties system.

We don’t want to amass league points by default.  It’s not fair, it’s misguided and may give us a false sense of our real worth!  We want to play rugby and provide sport for all those who want to play.

The real worry is that there may be some lads who will find something else to do on a Saturday because of the uncertainty as to whether or not there will be a game.

We can only hope it will improve after the visit to Kendal this Saturday, 23rd October.

Our plight has not gone un-noticed by the league officials though, the following comments being found on their website:

“I’ve deliberately left division 1 to second. I know it’s sometimes difficult to get sides out gents, but we’ve now had three concedes with blackburn calling off today. I know in a few cases we’re talking about third xv’s, but really gents I don’t understand 2nd xv’s not being able to get sides out.
“We thought long and hard about Carlisle coming into the leagues. at the present time they’ve had only one home fixture fulfilled. remember gents, you are travelling once per season – they are travelling every other week, come on let’s get the sides out and fulfill the fixtures. they are a smashing club and you’ll enjoy your time with them. skippers, the most important gents in our lower leagues, get your lads together, and get the games played, division 1 is rapidly becoming a poor league on a level with some of our division 5 leagues.

“I suppose I’ve a vested interest because I am from birth a Cumbrian, well Westmerian really. How the hell Westmorland was struck off the map I’ll never understand.

“To date gents, the sides that have presently called off will, in line with the rules, have to travel for the second fixture. Carlisle could end up with a string of home games.

“The other point is that not only do you lose your points, the other sides in your club also lose theirs.”

Fred Swarbick.

So there you have it, the view of someone not connected with our club.

Let’s hope things improve and we get some rugby.