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Sorry there has been a shortage of reports about rugby over the last few weeks.  Doubtless everyone will understand that is down to the weather.

Ball and posts imageTo publish information, we rely on getting information from team contacts.  Some are good at sending in details, and others, well….!

Last Saturday, saw a resumption of a proper programme (15th January). The 1st XV pulled off a deserved 25 – 26 victory at Driffield in North 1 East whilst the Crusaders went down 3 – 5 at home to Wilmslow in the University of Salford NW Leagues Division 1.

The Colts lost away in the North East.

The Hornets didn’t have a fixture in the Cumbria Shield League  –  Creighton couldn’t raise a team  But the Hornets are still buzzing after their emphatic victory the previous week away at St Benedict’s.  They racked up 94 pts with only 17 against.  Scorers were:  John Trennel (3 tries), Ryan Dorrard (1), Jack Oddie (3), Chris Byrne (3), Frannie Dixon (4), Martin Kalinowski (1) and James Armitage (1).  Chris Kersop landed 12 conversions.

If you read this we would ask that the Crusaders (Graham Kidd) and the Colts (Mike Howe) let us have regular reports with details of the games and scorers please.

We keep getting complaints about the lack of up to date stuff on the website, but if people don’t let us have it, then we can’t publish it.

A note from the Tekkies;

We are working on an online form for match reports to enable easier input of information, this will also avoid those horrible coding problems which we have to strip out, from text embedded in word and similar software.

If all goes to plan, all we would have to do is spell check and add the necessary links before publication of articles.