Under 15’s v West Hartlepool & Stockton

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Carlisle went head to head with both West Hartlepool & Stockton on Feb 27th, in a round robin, coming out on top in both games.

We fielded more or less two different sides of even strength allowing all 25 lads that travelled to participate.

Both the North East sides fielded packs reminiscent of the hulk & jolly green giant, but the Cobras technique at set piece, esp the scrum was something to see and at times were pulled up for driving well beyond the one and half meters allowed.

The first game against West Hartlepool ended with a 12-5 win to Carlisle. The score line far from justifying the effort put in, as many bodies on occasions masked at least three other tries unable to be given.

The second game against Stockton was much the same pattern as the first at the set piece, resulting in a 22 – 7 victory to the Cobras.

Carlisle can take a great deal from this trip, with two games that reproduced everything we’ve worked on this season. Good steady scrummaging with plenty ball against the head, thanks to Jason Tait & Henry Wainwright who both also distributed well at the lineout.

All the forwards supported well with decisive breaks time after time. James Robson, David Brown, Jake Mangan and Callum Sandwith to name but a few. Chris Mapp had his Dyson head on and cleaned up any rubbish on the ground. We always created good a platform and Greg Graham distributed the ball well, with Jason Israel keeping the backs on the front foot time and time again which could have produced many more points than we actually got on the day.

A lot of very good play guys, keep it up.

Unfortunately Ben Blain one of our coaches was unable to attend this week as his only friend turned up for the weekend! He was badly missed. Come back Ben we will be your friend.

Won / drawn / lost:        Won Both
Result:            12 v 5 & 22 v 7

Report sent in by:        Jim Goode