Harris moves to Tynedale

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Talented centre, Chris Harris, has left the club and signed for Tynedale.

Chris Harris

We wish him well

Whilst sad that he has gone, we wish him well with his new club, although we would have preferred him to have stayed put.  Carlisle have never stood in the way of those who want to move on to improve their lot and Chris will doubtless make the most of his move.


But, if it dosen’t work out, remember where your roots are – you will always be welcome at Warwick Road.

It is always going to be the case that Carlisle, like many other clubs will lose ambitious players; but there needs to be a root and branch review of what we do to and how we do it.

Retention of players is essential and there is a need show more overt ambition than has perhaps been the case in the past.

We would welcome any constructive proposals to help the club move forward.

That said though, there are many people out there who always have a solution, but when called upon to step up to the line  –  they wither away.

Watch this space!