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Archive of match programmes in PDF format.

1stXV 2011/2012 Season

Carlisle v Sandbach 14th April 2012

Carlisle v Leigh 10th March 2012

Carlisle v Northwich 18th Feb 2012

Carlisle v Wigton 28 Jan 2012

Carlisle v Liverpool St Helen’s

Carlisle v Anselmians 10th Dec 2011

Carlisle v Sandbach 3rd Dec 2011

Carlisle v Widnes 12th Nov 2011

Carlisle v Wilmslow 29th Oct 2011

Carlisle v Vale of Lune 17th Sept 2011

Carlisle v Wirral 1st Oct 2011

1st XV 2010/2011 Season

Carlisle v Cleckheaton 23rd April 2011

Carlisle v Pontefract 9th April 2011

Carlisle v West Hartlepool 2nd April 2011

Carlisle v Northern 19th Feb 2011

Carlisle v Percy Park 12th Feb 2011

Carlisle v Hartlepool Rovers 29th Jan 2011

Carlisle v Cleckheaton 22nd Jan 2011

Carlisle v Percy Park 27th Nov 2010 (postponed)

Carlisle v Old Brodleians 13th Nov 2010

Carlisle v Morpeth 23rd Oct 2010

Carlisle v Driffield 2nd Oct 2010

Carlisle v Wheatley Hills 18th Sept 2010

Carlisle v Team Northumbria 4th Sept 2010

1st XV 2009/2010 Season

24/04/10 v Gateshead

17/04/10 v Driffield

27/03/10 v Pontefract

20/03/10 v Percy Park

13/03/10 v Old crossleyans

20/02/10 v Ilkley

30/01/10 v Gateshead (match postponed)

12/12/09 v Billingham

08/11/09 v Morpeth

24/10/2009 v Hartlepool Rovers

27/09/2009 – v Darlington

19/09/2009 v Old Brodleians

05/09/2009 v Sandal

1st XV 2008/2009 Season

11/03/09 v Aspatria

28/03/09 v Driffield

07/03/09 v Pontefract

14/02/09 v Old Crossleyans

07/02/09 v Aspatria (cancelled)

24/01/09 v Morpeth

20/12/08 v Aspatria (cancelled)

6/12/08 v Durham City

15/11/08 v Sandal

01/11/08 v Penrith

11/10/08 v Gateshead

27/09/08 v Ilkley

13/09/08 v Billingham

1st XV 2007/2008 Season

08/09/2007 Carlisle v Old Crossleyans
15/09/2007 Carlisle v York
29/09/2007 Carlisle v Aspatria
13/10/2007 Carlisle v York

20/10/2007 Carlisle v Aldwinians
03/11/2007 Carlisle v Hartlepool Rovers
24/11/2007 Carlisle v Morpeth
15/12/2007 Carlisle v Durham City
19/01/2008 Carlisle v Gateshead
09/02/2008 Carlisle v West Hartlepool
01/03/2008 Carlisle v Pontefract
17/04/2008 Carlisle v Driffield