Membership 2011-2012

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This post was published 6 years 8 months 4 days ago.

It has been left on the site for ARCHIVE purposes only and is not actively maintained.

For team and score information please follow this link

Renewal notices for membership of Carlisle RFC will shortly be sent to to existing members who are invited to complete and return renewal forms as soon as possible.

Membership imageMembership at £25 for the year is extremely good value.

To make life easier for both members and the club, we would like to encourage the use of standing order forms.  Rather than wait for our mailshot you can find both a membership application and a standing order forms below.

When you get your mailshot, also enclosed will be some information about our Patron’s Privilege Club (£100) per year.  Please consider giving the club further help by enrolling in that too.

All relevant information and forms are in PDF format below;

CRFC Membership Application

Membership Form

Membership standing order

Patron’s Privilege Club Join / Renewal