Attending rugby related courses

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Various rugby related courses are available, organised by the county and / or the RFU.  Appropriate members are encouraged to attend courses that will benefit the club as a whole.
Book_here imageSome of the courses available are mentioned below and dates for them will be advertised as when they are known.
Applications to attend a course must first be approved by the director of rugby (Martin Plummer) or chairman of youth & junior rugby (Ben Blain).  Official forms must be used where supplied, and applicants are asked to let the secretary (David Morton) have a duplicate copy of any application.
The club can apply for funding on the completion of any relevant course .
Safeguarding courses – cost is £15 per candidate and the full price is subsidised up to a maximum of people per club.
Entry Level Referee Award – at £50 – £60 per course with 50% subsidised by the county.
Young officials award – the cost is £25 per candidate and fully subsidised.
Level 1 coaching  –  the cost is £105 per candidate with a 50% subsidy available.
Level 2 coaching – available at £180 with 50% in subsidy available.
First aid courses – a 50% subsidy on £65 per head cost.
All courses must be paid for in advance in accordance with the instructions for each course.
Applications for the relevant refunds will be made by the secretary / treasurer of the club.
Members asked to co-operate with these arrangements to make the administration as easy as possible.
At the discretion of the director of rugby or the chairman of youth rugby, the club may consider further subsidy by the club, especially in the case of financial hardship etc.  Please remember though, that whilst individuals will benefit from these courses, the primary aim is to improve rugby at Carlisle, and a fair return is expected after completion of any course.