Coach Development programme

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Ben Blain, chairman of youth & junior rugby has arranged for Richard Metcalfe,  the club head coach, to run a coach development event that will be held over two evenings in November.

Hopefully, there will be one coach from each age group as a minimum.  Not withstanding, Ben wants as many possible to attend and this will be of great benefit to the club as a whole.
Ben says, “As many will be aware we are putting coaches and referees through the appropriate courses.  As youth & junior chairman, I am concerned that a lot of people, having got the credentials for their own CV, don’t always pull their weight afterwards.  We are organising this event to give encouragement to all those involved in youth rugby and help take the club forward.  If there is any reason why you can not attend this event, then give me a ring on 07827298911.
“There will be those who can not make it because of work and other commitments, but I will be hoping for a good attendance as it is an opportunity not to be missed.”
So, if you are sick of going through the same drills; wondering how you can make fitness training a bit different or need some new warm up ideas  –  this could all be for you.  This is a really great opportunity for us all to learn some really useful stuff to improve our coaching styles and practises.